By Dr Ken Resnick, parenting specialist

I recently watched a show on the ever-increasing danger of technology. Children who were totally addicted with many unable to function adequately in dealing with their world.  All children are born with passion and a need to explore their world.

What goes wrong when so many children say that they are bored if they’re not playing with some electronic device or watching TV? These devices kill that passion and the scary thing is that it is only the parent who can set boundaries and control the amount of time that their children spend on cell phones, iPads and watching TV. Many parents who I have spoken to seem to be helpless in knowing how to implement boundaries and restrict the amount of time that their child spends on a device or TV.

Why is it that so many children are presenting with all manner of behaviour and learning difficulties? I believe that our system is instilling a feeling of helplessness in them. Many learners go to school because they have to rather than because they want to. We’re giving them a message that they don’t have to pay attention because when they come home there’ll be somebody to help them.

The Rise of Au Pairs and Extra School Lessons in Children

There are too many kids having extra lessons and au pairs helping them do their homework. Learning is a choice, reading is a choice, and so why is it that so many young learners are choosing not to learn and not to read. As parents it is our job to guide our children to adulthood and wen your child chooses to opt out and show disinterest in school, you are doing something wrong.

The Smart Choice Parenting programme is so effective because it focuses on the adult-child relationship. All other programmes tend to help parents deal with difficult behaviour rather than giving them the insight and understanding as to how their parenting is impacting on their child’s attitude, academic performance and behaviour. Parenting is a job where we try our best but have no real idea as to what we are doing. Going back in time it was the parents who were the main educator of their children. They taught their children how to cope and survive in the hostile world around them. As man has evolved t seems that the role of the parent has been side-lined. The focus is on the child and the consequence of this is that many parents become anxious with no one qualified enough to help the parent stay in control in order for their child to feel safe and secure. Parents only want the best for their children and how exasperating it is when you have parents doing their best and yet their children are turning out into very inadequate human beings, preferring to escape into their own fantasy world of social media, electronic games and the internet while not coping with the real world.

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