By Dr Ken Resnick, parenting specialist

Sadly, there are not many very good parenting programmes available in South Africa. In doing my research I could not find evidence of any other parenting programme that could be classified as a positive parenting programme and designed within the approach known as behaviour family intervention (BFI). (Google if you want to know more about behaviour family intervention.)

Worldwide research on parenting programmes has shown that many parents believe that there is a stigma attached to parenting programmes. These types of programmes are seen as being necessary only for those parents who have difficult kids. Parents (incorrectly) belief that if they are seen attending a parenting programme, it will be a bad or adverse reflection on their adequacy as a parent. This is not the truth, as parents who have attended the workshops have reported that they feel empowered, and (importantly) that they have happy children as a result.


Why Aren’t More Parents Attending Parenting Workshops and Programmes?


Parenting programmes

This stigma seems to be a barrier that is inhibiting parents from attending. Also, it seems that the majority of fathers are not prepared to attend a workshop, which involves more than three sessions. Fathers are vital in the upbringing of their children – they are constant role models.

Although Smart Choice Parenting is unique in its simplicity and effectiveness, I have met with quite a bit of resistance. What is more, it seems that many parents in this country also appear to attach a stigma to parenting programmes. This is such a pity, as no parent can ever be a ‘perfect’ parent. We do our best, but we really are swimming around in unknown waters, and in the dark. Positive parenting programmes, based on social learning theory, have been found to be by far the most effective intervention for learners who have barriers to learning.

In fact, attending a parenting workshop is not a sign of a troubled child or of an incapable parent. Rather, it is a sign of a loving parent who wants to give their child the best care and guidance. A parenting workshop is simply a means of looking for guidelines on how to do it – a noble and devoted endeavour.

Smart Choice Parenting

The Smart Choice Parenting programme is an evidence-based positive parenting programme, which is very effective in helping parents to deal with a variety of childhood disorders including:

  • ADD,
  • ADHD,
  • Encopresis (soiling),
  • Bed wetting,
  • Oppositional defiant disorders (odd), and
  • Many other behaviour problems.

In addition, it deals with parenting the children of a divorce.

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The following services are also offered:

  • Marriage counselling, which is also available online.
  • Online workshops are also available. Please for more information.

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